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Coronavirus in India: Make or Break

Coronavirus. A medical professional would know how the meaning of this word has changed drastically in the past 3 months. From being the virus that causes ‘common cold’, to today- where it has killed over 13000 people worldwide, and it’s just getting started. The novel coronavirus (2019-nCov or SARS-CoV2) is the latest from the family of virusesContinue reading “Coronavirus in India: Make or Break”

Childhood Vaccines, Why Your Child Needs Them !

What is a vaccine? When germs enter the body, the immune system recognizes them as foreign substances (antigens). The immune system produces the right antibodies to fight the antigens.Vaccines contain weakened versions of a virus or versions that look like a virus (called antigens). This means the antigens cannot produce the signs or symptoms ofContinue reading “Childhood Vaccines, Why Your Child Needs Them !”

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